Developing your brand required years of effort and substantial resources. Whether you are defending your market-leader status or you are a number two or three “trying harder,” Venable’s advertising lawyers are dependable partners who know how to help protect and grow your valuable brand.

We advise some of America’s most iconic and beloved brand marketers, including leading companies in areas such as banking, breakfast foods, consumer packaged goods, dairy, hospitality, retail sales, telecommunications, toys and travel. We represent 10 of the top 20 largest national advertisers. Our lawyers know how to keep you out of the regulatory eye, mend a broken compliance program or help navigate the difficult choices that come with balancing risk and reward. Our advice is far from theoretical. We provide practical answers based on our understanding of your business so that you can make informed, real-time decisions.

In a world where new avenues of advertising and promotion seem to spring up overnight, we have the depth to keep you fully informed and well-advised in all areas. Whether it be social media, sweepstakes, green marketing, gift cards, affiliate marketing product placement or traditional television advertising, we have lawyers who provide counsel in each of these areas on a daily basis. Examples of our most recent work include:

  • Providing advertising counsel to a leading national retailer. This engagement has included handling several FTC matters involving pricing issues, green claims, comparative performance claims and textile act issues.
  • Supplying comprehensive regulatory compliance counseling to one of the largest food companies in the United States. This includes guidance on claim substantiation, advertising to children, food marketing and packaging, sweepstakes and promotions, coupons and rebates, social media marketing, and privacy/data security matters.
  • Performing a comprehensive assessment and update of a Fortune 500 diversified financial service company's regulatory database to ensure that all future advertising and marketing practices were compliant with federal and state regulations and the conditions of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consent order.
  • Advising a leading consumer electronics company on the global launch of its latest mobile handset. This engagement included compliance advice for on-line and off-line marketing in the United States, as well as coordination of local counsel in jurisdictions around the world.

It is an unfortunate reality that one advertising problem can give rise to a host of others. A self-regulatory proceeding can lead to class action litigation or a class action can spawn multiple inquiries by State Attorneys General. We believe a few hours of prevention are worth perhaps thousands of hours of a cure. This is why we put such emphasis on providing proactive counseling to our clients. However, if needed, Venable also has the bench strength to represent clients in every type of contentious setting simultaneously in a first-rate and efficient, coordinated manner.

While we are zealous advocates for our clients, we also believe open lines of communication are the key to resolving differences. We frequently collaborate with our regulatory and self-regulatory counterparts to provide insightful commentary on industry issues at conferences, webinars and in publications. These close working relationships help us get to know the agencies regulating our clients better and helps build the relationships that can be critical to resolving enforcement actions amicably.