Venable's communications experience and relationships deliver solutions to your communications challenges and goals. The laws, regulations, investigations, and procedures (including litigation) relating to communications, privacy, data breach, and cybersecurity are bewildering, time-consuming, and a challenge to your success. Venable has assembled an experienced, action-oriented team that loves to devise strategies for navigating laws, regulations, and procedures to achieve your goals in a timely way and executes those strategies in an accountable way.

Our legal team has a combination of attorneys who have served in the federal executive branch agencies, as members of Congress, and on congressional staffs and have long helped shape policy and rule-making, practicing before federal and state agencies. We marshal the facts, understand the agency processes, and use our knowledge of the process and our relationships with the decision-makers to accomplish goals.

Venable has always striven for practical solutions, not just legal memos. We clarify what you can do and how to do it, not just what you can't do.

Venable focuses on legal scholarship, regulatory insight, and advocacy. Venable can provide seasoned, insightful analysis of your regulatory situation and devise the best legal argument possible—but we have the experience to know that these do not always prevail. We are also adept at using our relationships, our knowledge of the processes, and the levers of decision-making to put you on a successful footing and on the road to achieving your goals.

We have inaugurated major rule-makings, leading multifaceted campaigns at the FCC, before other agencies, and on Capitol Hill to have rules and policies adopted or to fend off unwanted regulations. We have successfully managed investigations, audits, and Notices of Apparent Liability.

Venable has over a century of experience staying on the cutting edge of technology, the lifeblood of the communications industry. To be successful in communications law, you must be experienced and understand the technologies that routinely disrupt and revolutionize communications. We understand the communications axiom, New technology defies conventional legal models. Our mission has been to find innovative ways for service providers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and communications users to bring new technology on line, a challenge that demands attorneys who have the capacity to synthesize and understand the entire communications playing field.

Venable covers the world of communications. Whatever your concern, challenge, or goal, we are likely to have the experience, insights, relationships, and strategy you need.