Venable has significant experience in conducting internal investigations on behalf of management or independent board committees as well as in responding to investigative requests from regulators and law enforcement agencies. Over the years we have conducted numerous internal investigations on behalf of institutions in order to assure that an appropriate control environment is maintained and specific problems are identified and resolved. We have been retained by institutions to conduct due diligence inquiries required by regulators to assure that the institution’s management and personnel are properly assessing and addressing risks to the institution.

Our attorneys have addressed many topics that have become a special focus of regulator and prosecutorial efforts, private claimants, or Inspectors General. We have responded to audits of compliance with FHA and VA lending guidelines and to audits of asset managers' compliance with FDIC asset management requirements.

We have a long history of responding to investigations arising from mortgage servicing and fair lending practices, and, when necessary, have actively defended such claims. We regularly respond to inquiries focused on compliance with orders resulting from settlements with federal regulators. In many cases, we have been retained to work with expert witnesses and consultants on behalf of clients when required to support a client's positions.