Venable has grown and prospered for over 100 years because our lawyers have maintained a steadfast focus on the ever-evolving needs of our clients. As some clients have looked to markets beyond the United States and others have sought to do business here, our lawyers and professionals have provided important counsel to assist them in achieving their international objectives. The firm’s status as a law firm of choice throughout the world has been recognized by its inclusion in the AmLaw Global 100.


We have taken a two-pronged approach to building our global reach, one which delivers superior value, and maximizes the quality lawyering and client service that our clients expect. In many cases, we provide counsel directly to U.S. and foreign-based companies, institutions and individuals. We frequently deliver value to our clients in a number of very specialized areas where international recognition and scope are imperative. Examples include: FCPA; Tax; Privacy, Data Protection and Internet; International Trade; Intellectual Property; Advertising, Marketing and New Media.

In other cases, we work with our clients to identify the best counsel from the extensive network of relationships that we have developed over many years. More recently, we have teamed with a highly regarded London-based firm that has significant reach in Europe. While this particular relationship affords our clients access to quality legal services in the United Kingdom and throughout the European Union, our network of excellent foreign counsel extends to virtually every continent and major market.

Our model truly provides our clients with the best of both worlds — assurance that they’ve engaged just the right legal practitioner for the task at hand, and vigilant oversight and coordination provided by their trusted Venable Relationship Partner.


From setting up subsidiaries and joint ventures around the globe to protecting intellectual property rights in multiple foreign jurisdictions, from advising foreign companies on U.S. and foreign tax issues related to mergers and acquisitions, to representing foreign governments in highly-sensitive investigations, our attorneys serve our client’s cross-border needs. Among the clients we’ve helped with their international needs are: Marriott International; Panasonic; GE Healthcare; Agence France Presse; BIPI Pharmaceuticals; Danske Bank A/S; Celsion Corporation; Japan Tobacco International; Guthy-Renker; Taro Pharmaceuticals; Sodexo; Pharmaxis, Ltd.; University of California, Los Angeles ("UCLA"); Westmoreland Coal; AAF-McQuay, Inc.

Please visit our full website for examples of how Venable assists a wide variety of both U.S.- and foreign-based clients with their international needs.