Venable tax attorneys have devoted their careers to mastering the intricacies of tax law. Shaping and interpreting new tax laws are particular strengths of our tax team.

  • Working with Venable’s legislative professionals, we develop and implement tax legislative strategies to advance our clients’ interests. Those strategies can involve proposing new legislation, advocating changes to existing legislation or supporting (or opposing) legislation pending before Congress.
  • At Treasury Department hearings, we provide comments on behalf of individual clients, industry groups and trade associations on proposed regulations and rules.
  • At the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) National Office, we represent clients seeking private-letter rulings, technical advice or other guidance.

Relationships with key members of Congress and their staff.

Venable attorneys are well-positioned to bring the views and interests of clients to the attention of key members and staff of the House and Senate, given their prior service on Capitol Hill as staff members to Congressional committees with responsibility for tax policy.

Tailored approach to achieving client goals.

Regardless of your particular policy concerns, Venable attorneys always focus on designing creative and flexible strategies. We recognize that some solutions require legislative action by Congress, while others are better suited for a Treasury Department or IRS audience. The strategies we recommend may include mounting a campaign of legislative advocacy, drafting proposed legislation, promoting changes to existing legislation or endorsing specific positions on pending legislation. We also assist clients in engaging the Treasury Department and IRS on administrative policy and rulemaking and, in the case of recently passed legislation, influencing how the legislation is interpreted and implemented.

On Capitol Hill and at the Treasury Department, Venable attorneys are well known and respected for presenting practical, well-thought-out suggestions for new legislation and solutions for resolving issues in tax-policy implementation.

Positioning U.S. companies for global competitiveness.

Many of our clients are U.S.-based companies that compete in global markets. On their behalf, we have frequently and successfully lobbied for tax legislation that helps ensure that they remain competitive with companies based in other tax jurisdictions. In that regard, we have focused both on minimizing the tax impact of new legislation and on reducing the complexity of complying with U.S. tax law.

Venable tax attorneys have the technical skills needed to effectively represent your interests as tax legislation is debated and enacted. We also have Washington access that enables your views to be heard by the people who make decisions on tax policy that affects your company.