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The Nonprofit Times features comments by Bob Waldman and Kelly DeMarchis Bastide regarding the evolving technology threats facing nonprofits

The Nonprofit Times features comments on April 5, 2018, about steps nonprofit leaders can take to be less vulnerable to data breaches, based on the presentation "The Top Privacy and Data Security Trends and Issues for Nonprofits in 2018" by Venable partners, Kelly DeMarchis Bastide and Bob Waldman.

The key recommendations that Kelly and Bob suggested nonprofit leaders take included: know where threats are coming from; don’t open a phishing email; keep an eye on third-party vendors and request a review of their security practices; provide notice to individuals whose personally identifiable information was involved in a data breach; require strong passwords, control internal and external access, practice data minimization, and establish security protocol; and identify and locate sensitive information in your organization’s possession, securely store physical documents and devices, train employees in the basics, and keep evaluating security practices and threats.